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Achieve a Classic Look Using Popular Wedding Decorations. Certain decorations help give your event that classic wedding feel, and they serve as important staples to any wedding décor. Decorations for weddings over the years have varied from lace to organza, to now silkier fabrics, and from shiny, bright brass and copper metal surfaces to the modern matte metal surfaces that are popular today.

Columns are common decoration item and can help you vary the height of floral arrangements for depth and visual interest. Accessories such as candelabras are typically available for rent at most wedding event locations. Traditional brass is the most common color for these accessories and probably the easiest to find because it has been around for so long. An effortless color to match is white, so for hassle-free wedding decorations, stick with this basic.

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Wrought iron is a more desirable finish for accessories these days, but still feels traditional, and even lends an old-world feel to your wedding. Ask local rental companies for these specifically (they might keep the nicer, newer decorating accessories in the back for special customers). Be prepared if you want to hottest new wedding decorations: new and popular also means expensive. Instead, to save money on the decorations for your wedding, if you know someone who has a sturdy set of metal candelabras that has become worn out or just looks outdated, suggest they spray paint the metal a modern matte silver or black color. You'd be surprised what a fresh coat of paint can do.

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For outdoor ceremonies, try using wicker baskets and other natural materials that will add to the earthy feel of the wedding décor. Use wildflowers, available in abundance in nature, to both save money and keep with the outdoor theme. For the other basics of the décor, such as the chairs and tables, stick to woodsy elements, and use colors that are found in the actual setting of your location. White wooden trellises will give your wedding a sweet, garden-y look, and are usually available at your nearest home and garden warehouse.

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