Fall Flowers

Autumn brides should not feel any less special than June brides. Fall flowers can be found in rich, deep colors that distinguish an Autumn wedding from the typical look of pastels and whites. Autumn brides, rejoice! You are not limited to the typical color of the season-orange for your fall flowers. Fall flowers are available in a wide variety of gorgeous colors to complement your seasonal wedding.

An example of a bouquet of fall flowers would include stunning flame calla lilies, which are both elegant and dramatic. The rich blend of colors in the flame calla lily would blend perfectly with deep Black Baccara roses and black artichokes, which are really a dark purple, an assortment of black privet berries, chocolate cosmos, and hot pink pansies. Other examples of luscious fall flowers include amaranthus, cosmos, dahlias, and lilies.

Creme and gold ribbon wedding cake.

Autumn brides have an excellent opportunity to think outside the box when it comes to their wedding flowers. Why limit yourself to flowers only? Fall flowers and arrangements can incorporate fruit and vegetables to build on the autumnal harvest theme. Fruits are already saturated with darker pigments, such as red pomegranates and purple grapes. Even dried or fake fruit would look lovely scattered throughout your fall flowers or bunched together in a tall glass vase.

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Roses work for every occasion and every season, and are available in color varieties that make roses wonderful fall flowers. Ivory or champagne colored roses, such as the Sahara rose, can provide the perfect backdrop, like a blank canvas, for your fall flowers. Mix in flowers in your color scheme to provide a pop of color for excitement.

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An easy way to arrange dramatic fall flowers is to stick with one color and find different flower varieties in this same color. That way, you won't have to worry if the flowers will "go" together. For example, the buttery, warm golden color of fall would make for beautiful fall flowers and complement gold jewelry. You can mix marigolds, chrysanthemum, otherwise knows as "mums," poms, gerbera daisies, orchids, calla lilies, goldenrods, and hypericum berries together in random combinations, as long as they are all that lovely golden color. You can even mix in Sunflowers if your wedding is early enough in the Fall.

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Autumn brides should embrace the many options for fall flowers available to them.

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