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Ask almost any bride, and she will tell you, one of the things she remembers most about her wedding is the flower bouquets. That anticipation of waiting to first see your own bridal bouquet, and then sharing the excitement with the bridesmaids about their flower bouquets, just cannot be matched. Flowers provide such a feeling of beauty and romance, especially when it comes to the flower bouquets-all your guests will want to see them. There are several styles and uses for flower bouquets.

The bride's bouquet is the ultimate of the flower bouquets, and usually is the largest single floral expense in any wedding. Most woman have a clear picture of the flowers and colors they want to see in their flower bouquets, and get very specific with their florist. Some brides, however, are willing to say "surprise me!" Either way, this bouquet is generally larger than the bridesmaids' flower bouquets, and while they may contain similar flowers, the bride's bouquet will have a special look to it. After all, it is her big day!

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Besides being made of different flowers and greenery, flower bouquets can be made in many different shapes and styles. The most popular shape is round, and that round shape can vary from small, about six inches wide, to over a foot wide. The small, tight bound bouquets of this shape are often referred to as a nosegay. The round size is classic and easiest to make, and complements any dress style.

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Other styles include the cascade, sometimes called a crescent bouquet, which has flowers hanging down either side, forming a waterfall of flowers over your arms. It resembles a crescent moon, hence the nickname. A less popular but still beautiful option is the arm bouquet. These arm flower bouquets are made with long stems and intended to rest in the crook of the arm. This makes them sometimes difficult to hold, but they do provide a dramatic look. Keep in mind that the more elaborate your dress, the simpler your flower bouquets should be, to provide balance and not detract from your gown.

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Flower bouquets are not just for the bride-your maids, mother, young flower girls, and even your grandmother could carry a bouquet down the aisle. A fun option for them is the pomander bouquet, which is a ball of flowers that has a string of ribbon or pearls through it to serve as a handle. If you choose any of these flower bouquets, you and your attendants will look beautiful walking down the aisle.

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