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If you have decided to order your own flowers for your wedding and have the flowers delivered, good for you! But do you really know what you are doing? It might be a good idea to have a few extra bunches of flowers delivered early, for practice, or to ask a friend if you can help with her wedding flowers. The more experience you can get before the big day, the better.

Here is what to expect upon arrival if you get flowers delivered to you. First, ask the vendor what type of shipping method they will use. It is important to have those flowers delivered to you as quickly as possible, and worth any extra cost. Overnight shipping can get expensive, but it is necessary to ensure that the flowers are in the best possible condition. You don't want them to die in transit.

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Prepare to be there when the deliveryman arrives, and ask if you can request a specific time to have flowers delivered. That way, you can meet the delivery at the door and rush the flowers to water. Don't be disappointed if the flowers look sad and droopy when they first arrive. They have been out of water for a while and therefore entered a sort of hibernation mode. It just takes a fresh drink of water and some cool air to freshen them up.

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Have the flowers delivered to a location that can provide plenty or refrigeration space, or at least constant shade and air conditioning, for best storage conditions. A walk-in refrigerator is best, but you can also just take the shelves out of your own refrigerator. Be sure to prep the fridge and other materials before you get the flowers delivered, so you won't have any delays in getting them to water. Some flower types, such as hydrangea, will need a full bath or at least a heavy mist of water, to be able to revive themselves.

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You should have no problem with arranging your own wedding flowers, and you should be proud of your choice. Just be sure to prepare in advance of the time you get the flowers delivered, having all the right tools and plenty of water handy. And, do plenty of research. Most importantly, have fun!

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