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Today's DIY bride can find tons of tips for ordering and arranging your own wedding flowers, so you don't have to fear the idea of doing your own flowers. Even if you don't know a thing about buying and arranging flowers, you probably know someone who does. Maybe your Aunt or a friend's mom will be willing to pitch in. Ordering your wedding flowers online doesn't have to be a difficult or intimidating process.

Several websites have blossomed lately, offering "wholesale" wedding flowers or "bulk flowers" online. Do not be fooled-if the vendor does not grow the flowers itself, that is probably not your cheapest option. Go straight to the grower for excellent deals, cutting out any commission paid to a middleman. is an excellent supplier that follows ethical practices and grows flowers right here in California, yet still offers low prices. To make ordering flowers online simpler for the first-timers, their website has a helpful frequently asked questions section, and they offer complete wedding packages that provide everything you'll need.

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Some suppliers only offer a few types of lowers, but those might be the cheapest. If possible, order your roses from one place and your greens from another, always getting the best prices for the flowers online. For example, offers great prices on roses, but does not sell hydrangea, so you would have to find those elsewhere. Keep in mind shipping costs of each vendor for your total price. It will not benefit you to order flowers online if the shipping fees are more than the cost of the flowers!

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Probably the cheapest way to order flowers online is through the huge pricing warehouses such as Costco or Sam's. If you already have a membership to these warehouses, you can order flowers online from their websites at significantly reduced prices. However, the availability of types and colors is limited.

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When you order flowers online, the shipment will provide for a strict delivery time with quick turnover. Therefore, someone will probably need to be available on-site when the flowers are delivered. UPS and Fed-Ex will require a signature upon delivery. You wouldn't want your box of flowers wilting away on your front porch while you are at work! If possible, have the flowers delivered to a location with a large walk-in refrigerator for easy storage.

Save hundreds or even thousands of dollars off your florist bill by ordering your flowers online.

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