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Go green with your wedding décor and flowers as well as with your attitude. The latest trend in wedding is being environmentally friendly. Earth-conscious brides give a nod to Mother Nature by incorporating her lovely green color into their scheme and by choosing foods and products that are "green." Here you will find tips for choosing greenery and green options for your green wedding.

Leaves, grass, tree branches, and other foliage give a beautiful earthy look to any wedding event. If you use these elements for your green wedding, all of which can be taken from your own backyard, you can do the earth a favor. This way you will not be supporting flower growers that use harsh pesticides and unnatural chemicals on their flowers.

Creme and gold ribbon wedding cake.

Many flower growers, especially in countries outside the U.S., where the industry is not regulated, use environmentally unfriendly harvesting practices and disturb their local ecosystems with their irrigation techniques. Rainwater runoff from these flower crops can ruin potable drinking water for nearby villages. Another way to avoid supporting these horrible habits is to buy only locally grown, green wedding flowers.

For your bouquet, a gorgeous green option is to use New Zealand flax leaves, split down the center and tied into knots. This provides depth and visual interest, and the leaves are naturally harvested. Weave these around green Jade roses, which makes for a great color combination of dark green and lime green wedding flowers. A funky green wedding flower, though not really a flower at all, is berzelia. Succulents, like those familiarly found in the desert (those without the prickly thorns, of course) also have an interesting look that will make your bouquet unique.

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Blue aqua wedding cake.

Of course, green wedding choices extend far beyond just your flowers. You can make good, green choices by using recycled paper napkins or organic cotton napkins and tablecloths. Avoid plastics and stick with paper goods that are biodegradable.

Brides tend to get so caught up in the "me, me, me" attitude of their big day, it is easy to forget about the environment. Make a big statement with a green wedding.

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