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DIY brides have taken the do-it-yourself notion to the furthest possible extent, designing their own dresses, handwriting their own calligraphy, even arranging their own flowers. If you have the desire to venture into the self-florist business and order flowers for your own wedding, follow these tips to ensure stress-free flowers will ensue.

Order flowers around the season of your wedding to get the best deal and the best look. For example, if you want hydrangea in the wintertime, realizing these are summer flowers, you will have to do some extra hunting to find year-round grower and be willing to shell out the big bucks. Even when you do order flowers out of season, they might not have the full look you expect because they technically are not supposed to be blooming yet.

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Take some time to research flower types, availability, and pricing before you order flowers for your wedding. You should compare prices of the flowers you like most to get the lowest price possible. Be sure to factor in the cost of shipping before you order flowers-many sellers will offer free shipping. Be careful, though, as the shipping method must be the one guaranteed to get those beautiful blooms to you as quickly as possible, before they wilt away.

Buy the freshest and highest quality flowers available to you if you order flowers. The best option would actually be to visit the local grower's farmers market a few days before the wedding and buy everything fresh from the vine. If this option is not available to you, it is fine to order flowers off the Internet, just do some looking into the business history and reliability of the website you choose.

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Choose The Right Budget

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Also, keep in mind that if you order flowers based on a picture you see in a catalogue or on the Internet, the flowers that arrive may not look exactly the same. Colors will vary depending on the screen monitor or picture resolution. Most retailers will admit they cannot really promise those "blue" delphiniums won't show up looking more like purple.

If you keep an open mind about the color range and do a background search on your vendor before you order flowers for your wedding, you shouldn't experience any problems.

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