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The Organ May Be an Old-Time Instrument, but It's Still Got Oomph

There is no other instrument that can provide the full-on force and impressive power of a church organ. Something about that awesome sound adds to the solemnity and reverence of a wedding ceremony. The soaring notes of traditional wedding songs as they flow through the pipes of an organ really define the occasion.

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If your wedding chapel or cathedral offers an organ, you should incorporate this conventional instrument into your wedding music. The organ is versatile enough that it can play as you enter and exit the church, and even play the hymns for in between. Of course, if the church where you will hold your wedding does not already have an organ available, you are probably out of luck-most organs, with all their accompanying pipes, are not very portable.

You will have to hire an organist who is specially trained to play the instrument. The church will most likely have an organist available for hire or at least be able to recommend a church member who is qualified. If not, consult your own church's organist and see if he or she is up to the task. That person may need to scope out the organ beforehand. Be sure to budget for this, although; the cost should not be much more than $100.

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Keep in mind that either the organ at your church or the organist who normally plays it might be too limited for some of your musical selections. Ask in advance before you get your heart set on a dramatic song that may be outside your organist's repertoire. Likewise, the organ (or the organist) may be getting along in years, and won't have the energy or vigor required to give the song the justice it deserves.

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If you do have your heart set on having a particular song, let your organist know ahead of time. You might have to provide him or her with sheet music. This often is an added expense, as you will have to compensate the musician for the time spent learning your song.

If you are looking for a strong but traditional sound, consider hiring an organist to play your wedding music.

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