Pearl Wedding Jewelry

Pearls are the Perfect Accessory to Accompany a Classical Bride

Pearls provide a beautiful and classy look to any bridal aceesory; their soft, pearly color blends perfectly with almost any wedding gown. Pearls don't have to be authentic, or even white, to be beautiful. They are available in many sizes and colors, not just wedding white, to lend the perfect look to your wedding jewelry.

Genuine pearls are created by oysters, and are labeled as either saltwater or freshwater pearls. Saltwater pearls are found naturally in the ocean, and are very rare. Because they are created naturally, they are hardly ever round in shape, so naturally round saltwater pearls are extremely expensive. Freshwater pearls are typically harvested within a controlled environment, so they are less expensive and easier to find in the coveted round shape.

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You may have seen jewelers rub pearls against their teeth. This is a way to tell if they are real. To tell if the pearls you like are real pearls, simply rub two of them gently together to test the texture of the surface. If they feel slightly grainy, they are probably real. If they are perfectly smooth, they must have been manufactured because there is no way for an oyster to produce glossy pearls.

You don't have to splurge on the real thing to get pretty pearls: painted plastic can very much look like the real thing. Be carefully though, as these are just painted beads, and the paint can chip over time. Inspect the pearls carefully, and if the paint is already flaking off, don't buy them.

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Get Creative

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For real drama, buy black "Tahitian" or gold pearls. Pink pearls are sweet on the flower girls. Mother of pearl is another excellent choice for an alternative to a strand of pearls. A wide Mother of Pearl cuff bracelet is a fun way to put a new twist on the traditional knotted-pearls strand bracelet.

Try to find coordinating pearl wedding jewelry that doesn't give your outfit a "matchy-matchy" look. Part of the allure of pearls is that each one is unique. Pearls of different sizes and shapes all blend perfectly with each other, and will blend beautifully with your dress.

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