Processional Wedding Music

The Order and Music for the Processional

The moment the bridal party appears at the beginning of the church aisle, it is time for the wedding to begin. The music typically changes as the bridesmaids prepare to walk down the aisle, signifying the next step in the order of events, which is just one step away from the bride's big entrance. These days, plenty of songs are available, and you don't have to feel stuck with "Here Comes the Bride," unless you just love it.

The processional music should include the songs selected to play for the grandparents' and parents' entrance and seating, all the way through to the last bridesmaid. Consider honoring your loved ones by selecting a song you know they will love to be their entrance music. Of course, the processional ends when the bride reaches the end of the aisle, and then the wedding ceremony itself is ready to begin.


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The traditional order for the entrance of members of the wedding party is as follows. First, the Officiant enters, signifying the wedding is about to begin. Next the grandparents are seated; groom's first, followed by the bride's. Next the groom's parents are seated. Finally, the bride's mother is seated. The groom and his best man then enter from the side, and sometimes the groomsmen escort the bridesmaids down the aisle, sometimes they just stand with the groom in the front.

The bride's attendants are next, starting with the bridesmaids and ending with the maid or maids of honor. The maid standing closest to the bride will enter last. The ring bearer will then enter, followed by the flower girl(s), who will be seated when they reach the front. Of course, last but not least, the bride will enter, escorted by her father. The musicians will pause and change songs just before her entrance.

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Style Matters

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Some beautiful selections from Handel for the processional and the bride's entrance include Air (from Water Music), See the Conquering Hero, Larghetto (from Xerxes), Oboe Concerto, Overture (from Royal Fireworks Music), and Arrival of the Queen of Sheba. Any of these would be an excellent choice for your processional wedding music.

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