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Red is the color of love; as the French say, "l'amour, l'amour." This is why so many couples who are passionately in love with each other decide to have a red wedding. Red has always symbolized heat and passion, but did you know it also is a sign of respect in some cultures? All of these reasons interwoven together create a strong fabric for a lovely red wedding ceremony and reception.

Creme and gold ribbon wedding cake.

You can use the color red in your red wedding in hundreds of creative ways. The color is not just limited to your wedding flowers, although red wedding flowers can be stunning. One fun tip is to wear red shoes under your white dress to show off your bright personality. Red shoes can be purchased at most shoe stores in almost any fabric, including leather, but satin is the most appropriate for a formal event like a red wedding. If you cannot find red shoes to your liking, consider buying the sating dyeable shoes and dying the fabric to the exact shade of red you prefer.

Another way to make your red wedding really sizzle with color is through your attendants' attire. Your girls will look hot in red bridesmaids dresses, which are available in many different shades of red that will flatter any skin tone and hair color. For example, major bridesmaid dress retailer Bill Levkoff offers dresses in fabrics that will work for whatever season, from satin to taffeta and silk chiffon, and in colors like plum, wine, and cherry that will have your guests drooling.

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Don't forget about the guys! The groomsmen can be outfitted to match your maids and extend the theme of your red wedding with red ties, vests or cummerbunds with their tuxedos. Fashionable tuxedos rental companies like Squires and After Hours offer these combinations because red is such a popular color for weddings these days. That way, you can set the groom apart from the others by getting him a white or ivory tie and vest to match your dress.

Distinguish your event from all the other pastel wedding of the year by hosting a bold red wedding, and really turn up the heat.

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