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Roses are red; violets are blue; and your wedding flowers should be a reflection of you! If you love the look of lush, brightly colored roses for a wedding, you are not alone. The rose flowers are the most popular type of wedding flower among American brides. This information will help you find the perfect rose flowers for your wedding bouquets and centerpieces.

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Visit the website of the American Rose Society at to learn everything you could possibly ever want to know about rose flowers. The American Rose Society can provide you with a list of "Master Rosarians" in your state. A Rosarian is a person who is an expert at rose flowers and cultivating roses. He or she will be able to help you know what are the most popular rose flowers for your area and what will be in full blooming season around the time of your wedding. Furthermore, a membership to the American Rose Society will provide you with endless information and resources regarding rose flowers.

Each geographical area in the United States and around the world has a climate that is specifically suited to growing specific rose flowers, so if you have a certain kind of rose in mind, you may very well have to hunt it down to the region where it originates and find a grower from that area of the rose flowers you desire. That grower can ship the rose flowers to you overnight in boxes packed with cold ice packs to keep the rose flowers fresh.

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If you are not comfortable ordering the rose flowers yourself, hire an expert wedding florist who can handle those details for you. Florists typically have a list of suppliers that they can ask for special types of rose flowers. Most likely, that grower of the rose flowers will be based in South America, where the warm weather is best suited for growing rose flowers.

You probably have a certain look in mind for your rose flowers for your wedding. The Rosarians of the American Rose Society centers around the country can help you match the perfect rose flowers to your wedding colors and theme.

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