Rose Wedding Floral Arrangements

Floral arrangements using rose flowers are both sensual and otherworldly. Americans love the rose, as indicated by the fact that the rose is our national flower. Its beauty is simple and classic yet still stunning every time. Deciding to stick with just the rose flowers as your wedding flowers will be easier on you or your florist as well as on your wallet! For your wedding, don't you think you should stop and smell the roses?

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Roses are very delicate and most varieties have many thorns, so be extremely careful when handling these rose flowers. Always wear gloves when dealing with rose flowers to avoid not only pricking your finger on the thorns, but also to keep any pesticides or fertilizer chemicals away from your skin. Keep in mind that thorns can cut your clothing or snag the carpet as easily as they can prick your finger.

One easy way to arrange rose flowers is to make several small arrangements with miniature and spray roses, and then to bunch those small arrangements together for maximum impact. The miniature roses will fit inside almost any small container, to help you save money on vases. Try a small clay pot or even a teacup. The container should stay around approximately one-third of the total size of the flower arrangement. That way, you can place a single arrangement of rose flowers at every place setting to give your guests a fragrant and enjoyable dinner experience.

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Whether you choose miniature, spray, or regular rose flowers for your wedding flowers, the look will be breathtaking. Be sure to keep in mind the overall scale since rosebuds are so delicate. Remember that while it may look proportionate as your arranging, when the buds are still tightly closed, the flowers might look too top heavy as the blooms open and reveal all those luscious rose petals. You'll also want to avoid using oversized containers that make the arrangements feel bottom heavy. Just enough of the stems should be allowed to show to give it the perfect height.

Whether you decide to arrange your rose flowers centerpieces and bouquet yourself, or if you hire a professional florist, you can't go wrong using roses. Rose flowers are naturally so beautiful, you can't mess that up!

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