Silver Wedding Jewelry

Silver is a Sexy and Modern Choice for Wedding Jewelry

Silver has a special shine that will match the sparkle in your eyes on your wedding day. Generally less expensive than gold, silver is a great option for brides-to-be on a budget. Go this route if you are looking for a fresh, modern look to show off your fun and hip personality on your wedding day.

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Silver comes in several options with considerably different price points. The most expensive is fine silver, composed of over 99 percent pure silver, but like pure gold, it is too soft for jewelry making. Sterling silver, which is made up of less that ten percent metal alloys, is more commonly used in fine jewelry. For a cheaper alternative that will give you the same look, consider silver plate. This is composed of denser, less expensive metals covered with a consistent plating of sterling silver.

If you do choose silver wedding jewelry, keep in mind that silver, like all beautiful things, must be properly maintained, or else it will tarnish. Your body naturally emits toxins that will blacken the silver surface over time. Polish frequently with a soft, lint-free cloth, and have your silver professionally cleaned regularly to maintain its patina. If you do not wish to pay for a professional cleaning, purchase a home cleaning kit. Avoid using water to clean silver because the tiny chemical molecules dissolved in water, such as chlorine and sulfur, could bind to the surface of your silver jewelry, causing it to corrode.

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If you desire the silver color, you donít have to feel limited by sterling silver, which is high maintenance. White gold, platinum, and even titanium (for men) these days are great alternatives. Platinum is the most expensive because it is the hardest metal, but surprisingly, it also scratches the easiest. White gold is actually yellow gold plated with a thin layer of rhodium, and will have to be touched-up periodically.

Silver is said to generate a minor magnetic fiend, increasing the energy of any person wearing it, but this is not scientifically proven. It probably would take a LOT of silver jewelry to tell the difference, but even a little boost would be a big help on the biggest and busiest day of your life.

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