Traditional Wedding Music

Jazzy Big-Band Songs from the 40's and 50's Will Set the Mood

Nothing says romance like the soothing sound of "The Voice," Old Blue Eyes himself, Frank Sinatra. Sinatra and his buddies Dean Martin, Sammy Davis, Jr., and Tony Bennett have produced hundreds of classic love songs that would make the perfect soundtrack to a jazzy wedding reception.

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Sinatra's sound will be appreciated by your older guests, who knew "The Voice" back when he was still making music. But, his songs never go out of style, and will leave a good impression with your younger crowd as well. Modern versions of these traditional wedding songs are available from artists like Michael Bublé or Nora Jones. Those artists also have some original songs of their own that have a similar sound and would blend perfectly with the oldies.

If you can afford it, an excellent splurge for your wedding music is a jive band. These groups dress in bright Zoot suits and set the tone for lots of fun. The bandleader will know how to encourage guests to get out of their seats and onto their feet.

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Where To Find Them

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To really wow your guests, you and your fiancée should take a few dance lessons before the wedding to be prepared to dance along to these catchy, upbeat tunes. For example, play "Jive an' Wail" immediately after the cake cutting, and dash back out onto the dance floor with a swing dance you practiced. Nothing is more fun to see than jitterbug dancing, with the constant spins, turn, and ups and downs.

Just be sure your dress will cooperate with all that dancing, it can't be too tight or too heavy. Keep the dress in mind when you practice beforehand; you will not be wearing that heavy sating gown with a full chapel train at rehearsal. And of course, you can't very well rehearse with the gown before the wedding- it's bad luck!

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Why play rock music that is too heavy for the wedding atmosphere, or hip-hop with lyrics that might seem inappropriate? The jazzy sounds of big band will cross any generational gaps and have the whole crowd dancing the night away at your wedding reception. Choose traditional wedding music to really get the party started.

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