Tropical Flowers

Tropical destinations exude a special vibe and give of a kind of energy, partly because of the gorgeous tropical flowers native to the islands. Tropical flowers can add the perfect touch to a summery or beach themed wedding. They also can brighten up a plain bouquet or centerpiece arrangement.

Brides should not feel limited to only using tropical flowers in destination or beach-themed weddings. The bright, vivacious colors of tropical flowers can bring the life and energy to almost any time of occasion. The fiery red, hot pinks, yellows, and oranges, as well as the deep browns and purples and bright greens of tropical flowers allow them to blend together beautifully or to stand out when mixed with more neutral flowers. For example, the dramatic colors and sharp lines of the Bird of Paradise flower will cause it to really pop against the soft tones and round shape of Roses or Ranunculus.

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Orchids are an incredibly popular tropical flower used in wedding flowers because each one is so unique and so beautiful. While orchids originated in the tropics, they can frequently be found in more domestic locations where the climate is still warm and humid. Orchids grow as many small blooms attached to a single, long stem. You can display these tropical flowers on their stems with a bunch in a vase with water, or you can remove each bloom and use them individually for bouquets. Orchid varieties include Phalaenopsis, which are smaller sized and slightly rounded flowers; Dendrobium, which usually have white or colorful "throats"; and Cymbidium, Oncidium, and the less common Aranda, Aranthera, Mokara, and Vanda varieties. And of course, there is the always-lovely Lady Slippers Orchid.

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Is Traditional The Only Option?

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Protea are a variety of tropical flower that will add visual interest in your tropical flowers arrangements. These flowers have a slightly different look because they do not have the typical petals and leaves you would expect from a regular flower. But, they are dazzling nonetheless. Other unusual but beautiful tropical flowers are Ginger, Anthurium, or tropical tulips, and Heliconia.

Tropical flowers can be purchased in the U.S., but usually have been shipped in from tropical locations such as Hawaii. They can be very expensive, but make a large impact. One fun way to incorporate tropical flowers into your wedding is to wear or to give guests leis. Or, make a splash with tropical flowers in your wedding arrangements.

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