Wedding Cake Jewelry

"Bling" is No Longer Limited to Jewelry You Wear

Think outside the box-the jewelry box, that is-when it comes to your wedding jewelry, and accessorize the cake with jewels. Wedding cake jewelry has revolutionized wedding cake designs ever since it first hit the market. This concept is a fun and fresh new twist on wedding jewelry that is sure to impress your guests.

Wedding cake toppers and cake table décor have gotten a major upgrade. Whether it is a sparkling wedding cake topper made of rhinestones that spell out your initials, or large crystals cut to look like diamonds scattered around the cake stand, wedding cake jewelry will give your wedding décor that certain glitz unlike anything your guests have seen before.

Creme and gold ribbon wedding cake.

Wedding cake plates and cake stands are typically boring and plain. You are lucky to find a sterling silver cake stand with a bit of engraving detail. Jeweled cake stands take the overall look of your cake table to a new level. Surround the cake with photo frames that have been decorated with glittering crystals in your wedding colors. Place pictures of the two of you inside the frames, and it will really draw a crowd.

Find a wedding cake knife and serving set with crystal handles, and proudly display the set beside the cake stand. Buy a large package of stick-on crystals and carefully place a single crystal on a few of your personalized wedding napkins, and then arrange those napkins in a fun pattern around the cake table. Stick-on crystals are so cheap that it won't matter that the napkins will later be thrown away.

bride and groom at wedding.
Blue aqua wedding cake.

Use caution about what your guests (especially younger children) might mistake for candy or frosting. Avoid placing anything not edible inside the actual cake batter or even on the outer layer of frosting that will not be removed before being sliced and passed out to your guests. If you do decide to decorate your cake with jewels, warn the cake cutter in advance that those items must be set aside as the cake is being cut. Or, ask your bakery about edible options in wedding cake jewelry design, and take your wedding bling to the extreme.

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