Wedding Ceremony Music

Your Musical Selections Will Reflect on the Overall Mood

Your Musical Selections Will Reflect on the Overall Mood

Most brides don't give much thought to their wedding ceremony music; they are too busy picking out a veil and shoes to match their gown or tasting food samples for the reception. But the wedding ceremony music is too important to overlook because it will set the tone for the atmosphere of your ceremony.

Wedding ceremony music goes far beyond the typical "Here Comes the Bride" song you've hummed to yourself for the past month. There are thousands of options to consider, and it can all become overwhelming. If you are not at al familiar with traditional, instrumental wedding music, don't worry; most brides aren't. You can rely on your wedding musicians or even the wedding coordinator to fill in the blanks. All you will need to provide them is a general direction.

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Remember that wedding musicians can be very expensive, so factor any live music into your total wedding budget. Consider hiring just a string quartet instead of a full orchestra, or even just a trumpet and violin duet. If you have no money in the budget for wedding music, don't panic. You can find recorded wedding ceremony music on tape or cd that will still provide the right atmosphere, though not the drama, of live musicians. Check with your ceremony location to find out their technical soundboard specs. You wouldn't want to show up with an mp3 player if all your church can handle are 8-tracks.

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Another important part of the wedding ceremony music is the soloist you choose and the song she or he sings. Incorporating a romantic song performed by a talented friend adds a special, personal touch to your wedding. You will forever remember that song as the one sung at your wedding, and so will your guests. Hopefully, they will remember it fondly, and not cringe because your singer's voice cracked. Only ask a person to sing who you are confident will be able to handle the pressure. Just because your cousin has a lovely voice doesn't mean she can handle singing a Mariah Carey song in front of two hundred people.

Choose well, and your music will enhance the feel of your ceremony from beginning to end.

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