Wedding Ceremony Music

The Four Categories of Wedding Ceremony Music

Most wedding ceremonies have a solemn, traditional feel, and that includes the music. The wedding ceremony music can be broken into four main parts, and you should take into consideration the unique qualities of each part for a smooth transition and coherent feel.

The first part of the wedding ceremony music is the Prelude music. This music will begin as the first guest arrives and continue until the last guest is seated. This is the music that makes a first impression, so choose a sound that sets the tone for the rest of the ceremony. If you want a very formal feeling, play light orchestral music. If you would prefer a more laid-back feel, play modern jazz music.

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The second part of the wedding ceremony music is the Processional music. This music will accompany the many members of the wedding party, from your grandparents to your flower girls, as they walk down the aisle. It also includes the song you that will play as you enter. Choose music here that will build the anticipation for your arrival. Also remember to find the perfect tempo to help keep your very nervous attendants walking at a steady pace.

The third part of the wedding music is the Ceremony music. This is the music to be played as the ceremony itself takes place, during a break in the action, such as when you move from that altar to the unity candle table and back. This is a time when you can choose non-traditional wedding songs. Typically a soloist will perform a song chosen specifically by the bride and groom, as a sort of serenade to their love.

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The fourth part of the wedding ceremony music is the Recessional music. This should have a celebratory feel, as it is played as you and your attendants exit the ceremony. It will continue playing as the guests gather their belongings and file out in anticipation of the reception.

Ask your musicians or wedding coordinator for suggestions for wedding ceremony music; they are experts. Use their advice, but don't be afraid to take a risk to make your wedding ceremony music unique.

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