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Personalize Your Vows for a Wedding Moment to Remember

Personalize Your Vows for a Wedding Moment to Remember

Face it, it takes a brave soul to write her own vows and then get up to read them in front of all your guests. Reading personalized wedding vows is an excellent way to add your own individual stamp on a predicable ceremony. But you don't have to be an eloquent poet to put together meaningful and special vows to say to your better half on the biggest day of your lives.

The most important thing to remember is to speak from your heart. Avoid trite clichés that everyone has already heard before. As long as you are being genuine, it doesn't matter what you say; the moment will still be special. Plan to speak long enough to make a point, but don't drag it on and on, or your guests (and your fiancée) will get bored and zone out. One to two minutes is a good goal.

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Remember that some religions are very strict about what can and cannot be said in a religious wedding ceremony. Ask in advance what is allowed so you don't offend anyone. If your church officiant will absolutely not allow personalized vows to be read, consider holding the wedding in a neutral, non-religious site, such as a park or the beach.

Also remember that if you wish to read personalized vows, your significant other will be expected to do so, too. Is he or she up to the task? Your wedding day will be nerve-racking enough; don't make it worse by asking an especially shy person to bare his soul in front of a hundred people. Is he responsible enough to write them himself, or is it something you will have to nag him about for the months leading up to the big day?

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A vow is not just a speech the bride and groom say out loud as a ritual in the wedding process; a vow is a solemn promise they make to each other in front of many witnesses. What promise do you want to make that you hope to fulfill for a lifetime? Keep the marriage commitment in mind as you write your vows.

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