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Many brides stress out over their wedding décor, fretting over every detail, and spending hours at the store or on the phone with the wedding planner. But, really this is not necessary. If you have a specific theme, naturally you will want to have wedding décor to match and personify that theme. Otherwise, consider allowing flowers to take on the role of wedding décor, and leave that stress to your florist.

Creme and gold ribbon wedding cake.

Flowers are naturally beautiful, and everyone loves them. From the happy daisy to the dramatic orchid, flowers exude charm and life. Every flower has its own personality, and it can lend that to your wedding décor if you just let it. Sometimes, over decorating will take away from the au naturel look and feel of flowers. Your wedding décor should feel light and romantic, not stuffy and contrived.

For example, the centerpieces you choose for your wedding décor will most likely contain flowers, right? The vibrancy of the colors and the sweet fragrance of flowers make them a perfect addition to your wedding décor. Sometimes it is nice to enhance that look with a large ribbon or some colored stones. But if you then also added a printed fabric, colored lights, feathers, branches. You get the drift. If the flowers themselves are already beautiful, you may be overdoing it with your wedding décor by adding too much.

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Take a lot of wedding planning stress off your shoulders by focusing your wedding décor around flowers. Bulk flowers can be purchased online at a considerable savings, allowing you to go all out with bunches of fresh flowers everywhere. Flowers are what your guests will remember, and the more the merrier.

Blue aqua wedding cake.

It doesn't matter what kind of container you use, just choose something that will go with the rest of your wedding décor. Clear glass will complement any style. But, if you want to really express your wedding décor, consider using clay pots for a garden theme wedding, or tin buckets for a country wedding.

As you have probably learned, your wedding décor can take over your life if you let it. Why not give your wedding décor a life of its own by decorating with lively flowers?

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