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Remember to Budget for both the Engagement Ring and the Wedding Band

Your fiancée will put a lot of thought (not to mention his life savings) into the selection of the perfect engagement ring to go with his perfect proposal plan. When you feel like he might have this purchase on his mind, be sure to slip in a gentle hint to remind him to set some of that money aside to purchase a wedding band, which will be exchanged during the ceremony, to go with your engagement ring.

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His best bet is to buy the engagement ring and wedding band together as a wedding jewelry set to save himself a huge hassle. At the least he should be sure to go back to the same jeweler to get a perfect match. Sometimes wedding ring sets are specially shaped to only fit properly with each other, so he should consult a respectable jeweler.

For many years it was popular to have the wedding jewelry set soldered together, fusing the two rings into one. Again, many ring sets are made specifically for this. Combining the two rings into one means you will only have to keep track of one ring. However, soldering is not as popular as it once was. Brides like to have the option of wearing the wedding band alone. This could be true for you if your engagement ring is especially valuable, so that you will want to leave it locked away when traveling out of the country.

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Whatever the value of your wedding jewelry set, it is priceless to you and an important lifelong investment. Protect that investment against loss or theft by insuring it. The easiest way to insure your jewelry is to add it as a special endorsement to your homeowner's hazard insurance policy. If you do not currently own a home, add it to your parents' homeowner's insurance or your renter's insurance. Talk to your insurance agent about your options.

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You should also keep in mind for your own benefit that the man's wedding band is traditionally paid for by bride, so you should factor this into your wedding budget in advance. It would be very embarrassing to splurge on your wedding dress and not have enough money set aside for your fiancée.

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