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Keep the Party Rocking with the Right Song Selections

Finding the proper talent to provide just the sound you want for your wedding music can be tricky. It requires a detailed vetting process and sometimes even specific requirements in the contract. The worst is when that tacky song gets played over the reception speakers, killing the whole mood of the wedding. Avoid this by making a specific list of songs to play and NOT to play for your wedding band or DJ.

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Word of mouth is an excellent way to discover wedding music talent, whether it is a band or a DJ. But keep in mind that while you have known your cousin all your life, she might have a different opinion about the "Funky Chicken" than you do. The best way to get a real feel for the potential band or DJ is to see them in action. Ask to meet in person, and if at all possible, sneak into a wedding they are performing and stand discreetly in the back.

For a DJ, listen to if he or she does too much or not enough talking for your tastes. For a band, check to see how many breaks they like to take and how long these breaks will last. Ask them for references from past brides, and then actually contact those references with good questions and concerns you have. Especially ask, did they stick to the Do-Not-Play list?

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The Do-Not-Play list is a compilation of songs that the band or DJ absolutely is not allowed to play at your wedding reception. This might include "The Macarena" or "She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy." Carefully read the DJ's list of songs, and if more than twenty percent of the playlist is songs you'll have to scratch from the list, then just go ahead and scratch him from your list. Also let the performer know what kind of atmosphere you want for the wedding reception, so that he can choose the songs accordingly.

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Another thing to ask your DJ or bandleader is how he or she will handle special requests. Requests can be fun for the guests, but can be stressful to you. This is where the Do-Not-Play song list helps the DJ to politely tell your Auntie Edna, "Sorry, no, I don't have 'I Like Big Butts.'"

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