Wedding Party Decorations

Pre- and Post- Wedding Party Decorations Can Help Develop Your Bridal Theme

As a blushing bride-to-be, all your attention is, of course, focused on your upcoming nuptials. But don't overlook the importance of the other events leading up to or following the big day, such as engagement parties, bridal showers, and the morning-after brunch.

Creme and gold ribbon wedding cake.

Throughout your wedding planning season, you will encounter opportunities to express yourself and your unique theme. Incorporating your colors and other thematic elements into the pre-parties will build on your guest's anticipation of the main event.

Many sites offer wedding decorations to fit every bridal theme, style and and colors. Reception tables need centerpieces and favors that can also serve as decor. Many of our ideas offered here are essential to the theme of the wedding and decorative. For example, customized place card holders are beautiful on any reception table and serve as great favors. How about flower petals on the tables that are personalized? Outdoor and summer receptions can incorporate lanterns, candles and paper fans for great decor and serve as wedding favors, as well.

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When a friend volunteers to host a wedding party in your honor, accept with pleasure, and graciously offer to help coordinate the wedding party decorations for your reception. Inform your hostess of your colors or other design elements that will help her in preparing invitations and a theme for her own event. For example, if you and your man will be honeymooning in Hawaii, plan your engagement party with a tropical theme, complete with tiki torches, grass hula skirts, and frozen cocktails topped with little umbrellas.

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If the party is near enough to the actual wedding that you already will have many of your decorations available, offer to let her use them at her party. That way, guests at both events will already associate those items with your wedding, and will be pleased to recognize a design element has been repeated. A gift card holder is an example of a helpful wedding staple that can be re-used several times. A scrolling metal gift card holder in a classic birdcage style is a traditional and beautiful wedding accessory that will complement the décor of any upscale wedding party. Just be sure not to loan out any important items that could be damaged.

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Remember that these events are only ancillary to your wedding, and could not possibly be as exciting or beautiful as your actual ceremony and reception. Also, don't let yourself be disappointed if your hostess has her own ideas for the wedding party decorations and does not incorporate your theme. Instead, be thankful she has volunteered to help, be glad you don't have to do it yourself, and be happy to receive all the attention (and gifts)!

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