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Keep the Party Flowing between Your Wedding Ceremony and Reception

You can personalize your wedding ceremony and reception to make them as hip and cool as you are, or you can make either or both as traditional as you would like. Typically, brides prefer a formal, reverent ceremony followed by a laid-back and fun reception. Feel free to set your own rules when it comes to the reception and ceremony.

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Most people consider the ceremony as just a formality they have to endure before the real fun can begin. But you should not overlook the importance of the wedding ceremony. It is at this location that you will enjoy the timeless rituals that actually unite you to your true love, and here is where most of the pictures and video will be taken.

At the same time, do not dismiss your wedding reception as just a time for you to get drunk and dance. You have an obligation to greet your guests and make sure every else is having a good time. Your parents and your guests will expect you to remain involved and visible at all times.

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For your guests' sake and your own, try to schedule the wedding ceremony and reception back-to-back, or at least as close together as possible. It makes for an awkward break in the action if guests have to entertain themselves for hours, waiting for the reception to start. Most will probably arrive at the reception venue way too early, only to see the crew still setting up the tables and stage. If you simply must have a long break, schedule an activity in between to keep your guests preoccupied.

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Also try to keep the ceremony and reception locations as close together as possible. This will help keep out of town guests from wandering all around an unfamiliar city, lost, while the reception has already started. It also keeps the romantic feelings flowing, rather than letting the fun die on a thirty-minute car ride. At the least, provide a map and specific directions, and encourage guests to carpool.

Follow these easy rules to keep the party flowing, but other than that, don't feel too tied down. It's your wedding-make it everything you always dreamed!

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