Wedding Reception Décor

Turn Your Wedding Reception into a Magical Wonderland

Your wedding reception will be the most memorable event of your life. Your guests will spend several hours at this location, enjoying good food, good company, and good music. Focus plenty of attention on the wedding reception décor to ensure your guests leave with happy memories.

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Take into consideration the highs and lows of your reception location, and work your decorations around them to bring out its best. Use low lights and dark, rich colors, to help a wide-open room to feel more cozy and intimate. Or, use all white to open up a crowded location and help it feel big and airy. If the space is narrow, use long, rectangular tables to ease the flow of traffic and draw the focus on your wedding reception décor.

Dress up plain walls with layers of luxurious fabrics. Hang wide panels of silk or satin behind the head table to take guests attention away from dated wallpaper and on to the beautiful wedding décor. If the room has art pieces hanging on the walls that will clash with your wedding reception décor, politely ask if you can remove them for the night. Of course, you will have to replace them afterward. Replace unsightly paintings with mirrors, which will help reflect light around the room and make the magic feel endless.

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Candles are a necessary design element no matter what look you are working with. Flickering candlelight will flatter everyone at your reception, and it will also really make your wedding jewelry sparkle. Buy small votive candles in bulk and place them strategically all over the room for a romantic, otherworld feel. Be sure to place them in glass votive cups taller than the flame for safety's sake.

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Another dramatic lighting element to enhance reception décor is string lights, like those hung on Christmas trees. These small white lights can be hung anywhere, even across the ceiling. If the ceiling is exceptionally high, hang the strands from wall to wall at a point just ten feel above the floor. This will give a magical feeling of being under the stars.

Pamper your guests by designing your wedding reception décor to evoke the feeling of a truly delightful evening soiree.

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