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Recent Trends in Wedding Rings and other Wedding Jewelry

Just because a wedding is very traditional ceremony doesn't mean the jewelry you wear at your wedding has to be traditional. Wedding jewelry has become fashion-forward, allowing brides to express their individuality and creativity. Choose the right wedding ring to show off your style, and select jewelry that will complete your wedding day look. Wedding rings and other jewelry can incorporate your wedding theme. There are so many choices from yellow gold, white gold, platinum, titanium, pearls and diamonds or cubic zirconia (CZ).

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Yellow or white gold are the two most common choices for wedding rings and bands. Platinum has gained in popularity because of its brilliance and durability, but it tends to show scratches more easily, too. Another popular choice for men is titanium-titanium bands cannot be bent even with a hammer. If you are on a tight budget, ask about stainless steel as an option for men's wedding rings and forego the precious metals altogether.

Pearls and diamonds will always be in style for wedding jewelry, but the modern look is multiple strands of pearls, or one long string of diamonds spaced far apart, wrapped around your neck several times. These days you can forego the stud earrings and rev up the drama with dangling chandelier earrings. Bold, chunky jewelry is now ok for formal events, even weddings.

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For wedding rings, the bold look is found in funky art deco style rings. This style was made popular back in the 1950's, and is making a strong comeback today. Art deco bands are usually wider than most, and are topped with square or round diamonds.

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Incorporate a visible element of your theme, such as leaves, fleur de lis, hearts, etc., into your wedding jewelry. Have a piece custom-made, and it will forever remind you of your wedding when you wear it years later. For instance, you can have a pendant made to resemble your wedding band and wear it on a delicate chain around your neck.

You will look stunning in your wedding dress, no doubt, but don't forget to top it off with the right jewelry. Even if you have chosen a standard white dress, don't be afraid to use the accessories as an opportunity to make the look unique. Your wedding jewelry should be a reflection of you as a person, not just as a blushing bride.

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