Wedding Sand Ceremony

Let the Beauty of Nature Inspire Your Beach Wedding Theme

There's nothing like the feeling of standing on the beach, with wind in your hair and sand under your feet. Bring that romantic feeling to your wedding by holding a wedding sand ceremony, right on the seashore. Here are some important tips to make your beach wedding perfect.

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Decorate with décor items that will blend in naturally with their surroundings, such as large seashells and white fabrics. Your wedding ceremony in the sand with a beach theme should probably include informal wedding party attire and bridesmaid dresses. Use wooden folding chairs in lieu of metal. Stick to a natural-tone color palate of white, blues, greens, etc. Comb the beach carefully for the perfect spot to set up, and establish one area as the focal point, where you and your honey can stand during the wedding ceremony. Make sure there will be nothing unsightly in the guests' view, such as a high-rise hotel.

Remember that it rains often around the water, so after putting together a perfect plan, put together a Plan B. Either provide covering for you and your guests, or have a back-up location nearby. Large white tents are usually available for rent, but are a large expense just to meet a back-up need. Plus, high winds coming off the ocean could cause a hazard. Instead, consider booking an open-air pavilion: many public beaches have somewhat attractive pavilions available for public use.

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Also keep in mind that the waves and the wind can generate a lot of noise, so place your set-up far enough from the water's edge that everyone can hear, but still close enough to be beautiful. Stay with a casual feel; no one wants to feel overdressed at the beach. Encourage guests to wear open sandals, to keep them from taking sand home in their socks as an unwanted souvenir. Or, offer inexpensive flip-flops to them as a fun wedding favor.

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Another idea for the perfect wedding favor for your exotic island wedding is to hand out miniature flip-flop or palm tree soaps and candles. This will be memorabilia for guests to remember your vacation destination wedding for months to follow the actual event.

Follow these tips and your wedding sand ceremony should go off without a hitch.

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