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The Standard Wedding Music Contract

One you have decided on a style of music for your wedding and found the perfect musical group to perform, you will next be expected to pay a deposit and sign a contract. If possible, have your wedding coordinator, or even a family friend who is an attorney review the contract before you put pen to paper. If you are not able to afford either, follow these helpful tips to protect yourself and be prepared with everything the musicians might need.

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First, ask if the musicians will be providing their own sheet music. You might be expected to provide sheet music for any special song requests. Your musicians will most likely already have sheet music for the most common of traditional wedding songs, but you never know. This could be an added expense, so ask about sheet music in advance.Wedding sheet music contracts should spell out where the sheet music will come from. When hiring wedding musicians or a reception band, make sure you read the contract first before signing or paying a deposit.

If you do have to procure sheet music for a special wedding song, the musicians can most likely order it through their own contacts and bill you for the cost of the sheet music and the time they spend learning the song. If it is an especially recent release, you may have to contact the record label company directly and order the sheet music, which will be very expensive. One great resource for downloading free wedding sheet music is

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Whether you are hiring a choir, flautist, string quartet, or a famous soloist, you will probably be expected to sign a contract to procure these services. Read this document thoroughly, and if there are any blanks that must be filled in, do this before you sign. The contract should cover all the basics of the arrangement, such as the date and time of the wedding performance, the amount of a deposit, total costs and overtime charges, and cancellation policies. Other things to consider including is the performer's attire and the amount and length of any breaks they will be allowed to take during the performance.

Be sure to cover all potential costs in the contract so you won't be surprised at the end, and remember to ask about wedding sheet music early on.

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