Wedding Table Decorations

Your Wedding Table Decorations Tell Your Story

Don't limit your thinking on wedding table decorations to the dinner tables only; be sure to take advantage of all the tabletop space at your disposal. The guest book tables, buffet tables, and even bar tops are prime real estate for table decorations that will enhance the theme of your wedding décor.

The decorations you use from table to table should flow and add consistency to the overall design elements, but don't feel tied down to the old-fashioned notion that all the tables must look identical to each other. Vary centerpiece heights across different tables, or mix flower combinations in similar colors on tables within eyesight of each other. Wedding table decorations can be a major focal point for your wedding theme at the reception. Here are some tips for finding the right table decor and wedding theme accents.

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Tablescapes are a fun new way to add visual interest and can literally tell the story of your love at your wedding. Originally developed by world-renowned interior designer David Hicks, tablescapes turn any flat surface into a work of art. Don't feel limited to the typical wedding table decorations for your tablescapes; instead, incorporate engagement portraits, a collection of your favorite books, or nostalgic memorabilia from your childhoods. Add a beautifully framed poem you both enjoy, and your tablescape will become the talk of the wedding.

Enhance your table decorations with sparkling crystals and glass beads scattered casually but purposefully over the tabletops. These gorgeous items are available for order from reputable online retailers, and will add a new layer of depth to your table decorations. The crystals are cut to resemble expensive diamonds and are available in small, medium, and large sizes. The glass beads are available in many different colors to provide the perfect extension of your wedding colors.

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Incorporate your colors into other details of your tabletops, such as the linens and chair slipcovers. Order personalized paper napkins in the color of your choice, and print a small menu on coordinating paper to place at each seat. Then wrap the guest favors in matching paper, and the look will be complete.

Wedding table decorations have evolved well past the typical one central floral arrangement. Every single element of the tabletop can now be uniquely tailored to match your wedding reception décor.

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