Wedding Theme Decorations

Target Your Wedding Theme Decoration Splurges and Express Your Style!

Why be boring with a typical, stuck-in-a-rut look of white tulle and baby's breath for your wedding? Develop a theme that is fun and fresh to make your wedding unique to you and your honey. Use wedding decorations specifically targeted to your chosen theme to create a look your guests will remember for years.

Many different things can factor into your choice of wedding theme, including location, time of year, and, personal taste. Vegas weddings go to the extreme with an Elvis Presley theme. Wedding theme decorations for an Elvis wedding might include rock-n-roll memorabilia and a pink wedding cake topped with a pink Cadillac. For other locations, incorporate a local landmark into your wedding theme, such as the Gateway Arch (St. Louis) or Empire State Building (New York City).

Creme and gold ribbon wedding cake.

If a beach theme feels too overdone for your coastal wedding, focus instead on the oceanic elements. Draw inspiration from the rich upholstery of a luxurious yacht. Decorate with live fish for a big wow-factor by including a large fish tank in your reception decorations. Large-scale wedding theme decoration items make the biggest impact.

Sports also make for a fun theme because it's so unexpected. Most people don't think of athletic events as romantic, but with you there in your beautiful wedding dress, it will feel like a dream. Hold the reception at his favorite sporting venue, and decorate with his teams' logo.

bride and groom at wedding.
Blue aqua wedding cake.

An easy but classic theme is Tiffany's-inspired, using that much-desired Tiffany blue color as the central element. Design the wedding cake to resemble a stack of Tiffany's jewelry boxes, and then hand out favors wrapped in matching little blue boxes.

For real drama, model your wedding theme decoration for the reception after a masquerade ball, and limit all colors to black and white. Rent a black and white checkered dance floor, and tell the guests to all dress in black in white so that they will feel like an important part of the theme. Then, hand out masks as wedding theme decoration favors.

Bride laying on bed.

Focus your spending on items that will make the biggest statement, rather than throwing your money away on things that will bore your guests and do nothing to help your wedding theme decorations stand out.

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