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Tips on Wedding Flowers for a White Wedding

White flowers are the perfect choice for a white wedding. The best way to match your dress and to keep your color palette uniform across many different flower varieties is to use only white flowers. As a bride, you have several options in various price ranges for white flowers for your wedding.

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Of course, the most classic look for white flowers in a wedding is roses. A beautiful option for a soft white rose is the Vendela rose, one of the most popular choices for weddings. Years ago, brides did not have the option of absolute white roses, as the limited rose varieties available only grew in off-white. But thanks to the advanced technology of genetic engineering, brides today can get the paper white flowers of their dreams to match their diamond white dresses.

In fact, another choice of white flowers is actually called a paper white, or narcissus. These delicate white flowers have a sweet look, but do not hold up well to the challenge of arranging, and are rarely used in weddings. Of course the basic choice wedding flower for a girl on a budget - the carnation - is available in white. You can also find white carnations with flecks of other colors speckled over their petals. If you are on a spending limit, other inexpensive white flowers to consider are gerbera daisies. This flower comes in white and usually has a yellow center.

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Other popular white flowers include the calla lily and stephanotis, which can provide a classy, understated touch. Calla lilies come in both small and large sizes. Stephanotises are incredibly tiny, star-shaped flowers, and are very expensive. The stems are too short for arranging or using in a bouquet, so they must be cut off and the blooms wired to give them the needed length. Stephanotis is usually pictured with a pearl pin inserted through the center, which is a lovely touch.

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Orchids are gorgeous all by themselves, as are gardenias. Gardenia is a highly fragrant white bloom that floats beautifully all alone in a vase with water. One way to save on flowers would be to float a single gardenia bloom along with some floating candles in a wide, shallow bowl. Consider also peonies, stock, hydrangea, tulips, and ranunculus. Any combination of these white flowers would provide a stunning monochromatic look.

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