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As brides become older and more independent, the traditional purpose of a bridal shower, which was helping the bride "set up house," has become less important, and the emphasis has switched to camaraderie and girl-talk. Present day shower trends differ from region to region, and among different social groups, but they seem to be changing fast in many areas and circles.

Stuffy and conventional are the only adjectives that come to mind as a description of traditional bridal showers. The bride received everything she would need to become a good wife. By contrast, bridal showers nowadays are about today's bride. You can feel comfortable giving her a set of racy lingerie. Another popular choice is bubble bath, bath salts and shower gel.

Customary Price Ranges for Bridal Shower Gifts

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The main event at the shower will be the opening of the gifts, so you'll want yours to be memorable. You could get away with giving the bride a homemade gift or a family heirloom, but if you decide to go shopping, $25 to $75 is an acceptable price range. Registry gifts are the easy way out, but don't hesitate to go against the grain. The shower invitation should clue you in to the kind of gift you should bring.

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Some popular shower themes include:

Round-the-clock: guests are assigned an hour of the day on the invite and challenged to bring a gift suitable to that hour

Kitchen: doodads, dish towels, spice rack, containers, trivets, cookware - all the domestic essentials will be appreciated

Entertainment: guests bring gifts for hobbies or entertainment, including theater, movie or sports tickets, videos or sporting equipment

Gourmet: bring gift certificates for fine dining, recipe books, a subscription to a cooking journal, kitchen appliances, table and glassware, espresso maker, or a gift certificate to food preparation classes

Handyman: bring a hammer, nails, buckets of paint, and whatever is needed to improve the couple's house or apartment

Bar: stock the couple's bar with glassware, tongs, ice bucket, corkscrew, napkins with ridiculous messages, wine rack, fine wines or boutique beers

Thanks for the memories: bring old photographs of the bride from her early days and adolescent years and compose an ode or letter to her recalling the times you've spent together and good wishes for the future

Lingerie: pajamas, slippers, down pillow, linens, robe, bath bubbles, perfumes, slips, teddies, or any kind of lingerie or related items

Holiday: red, white and blue linens and glassware or barbecue gear for the Fourth of July, homemade Christmas decorations and stockings, decorated papier mache eggs and moss-covered garlands for Easter, confetti, candles and paper hats for New Year's Eve

Gardening: gifts relating to the garden are perfect if the couple enjoys planting and taking care of flowers and vegetables

Room of the house: you will be assigned a room of the house to shop for

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