Italian Wedding Favors

Italian wedding favors are beautiful and culturally significant. Whether you are having an Italian wedding or just want Italian wedding favors, you can find an abundance of many different styles online. You can find everything from small espresso cups set into hearts to cordial glasses. It is up to you to select the type and style of wedding favor right for your wedding day. Do not make a decision just because it is labeled as an Italian favor. Rather, select something that represents you, your wedding and your love.

Making the Right Choice

With so many different Italian wedding favors available, it can be difficult to make a choice. One of the nice parts is you can choose several different types and prevent everyone from having the same thing. The only problem here is the favors are so nicely designed you might find people wanting the same favor and thus creating havoc at your wedding with their attempts to change wedding favors. In order to avoid that happening it is advisable to choose one favor design and place it at everyone's table. Although you may choose to have a wedding favor for everyone, it is also acceptable to have one gift per woman, in the Italian tradition.

Choose Favors that Fit Into Your Budget

Creme and gold ribbon wedding cake.

When you begin searching for Italian wedding favors, you will find them in many different price ranges. Narrow down your search by selecting only those in your price range to consider. Remember wedding favors are only tokens of appreciation and do not need to be expensive. Some Italian wedding favors may cost up to $100 but it is unnecessary to spend that much money. You can find great options for as little as $5 too.

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Make Your Own Wedding Favors

Blue aqua wedding cake.

If you look at some of the available Italian wedding favors, you can find some you can make yourself. For instance, buy some miniature shakers and fill them with Parmesan cheese or Italian spices for an inexpensive favor. Alternatively, select candles and ribbons in the Italian colors of red, green and white.

Italian wedding favors are often an important part of weddings. Take your time finding the one that works for your particular event.

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