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If you are one of those who likes to give crystal as wedding favors Mikasa wedding favors may suit you perfectly. They are certainly a little higher priced than other types of wedding favors but if cost is not a factor you can pick up Mikasa wedding favors for under $10 each. There are a variety of different selections including small candle holders and other types of crystal dishes, key chains and decorations. The favors you select should be ones you select because they appeal to you and not because anyone told you it was a good idea to choose Mikasa wedding favors.

Choosing the Best Mikasa Wedding Favors

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It is difficult to tell anyone what wedding favors are the best because each wedding is different and the guests have different tastes. If you know most of the people at your wedding, you know what they like and can buy accordingly. Even if the little gift is not something they can use, they will surely know someone who will appreciate it.

Mikasa wedding favors come in all sorts of options. Consider a beautiful crystal bride and groom figure set. Alternatively, go with a candy dish that contains your favorite candies. You will find candles are a great option too. These cost more, but they offer a lot more flavor and are an elegant gift for your guests.

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How Much Should You Spend on Wedding Favors

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The price you spend on wedding favors depends on your wedding budgets. One thing to think about is this: a favor is nothing more than a token of appreciation, a "thank you for coming" gift, so you do not want to spend a great deal of money on it. If you spend more than $10 for each wedding favor, you have spent too much. A great many Mikasa wedding favors can be purchased for under that amount and are quite nice to leave on the wedding tables. If you buy in bulk, you are likely to receive a discount from the vendor you choose as the provider of your wedding favors. On the other hand, perhaps you want the very best. Mikasa most definitely offers that.

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