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What type of wedding décor should you be using in your beautiful wedding? Both the ceremony and the reception should have a design to accommodate your special day and the look you want to have on this very special day. Do not overlook the importance of taking the time to select the best décor possible. However, what do you need? What types of decorations do you want or need to use on this special day? The bride, groom and anyone else helping to plan the wedding should take some time to consider all decorating needs as soon as possible, since many take time to plan for.

Where To Decorate

Where do you need wedding decorations? Wedding décor will be a main element of the wedding. Here are just some areas to think about.

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  • Wedding Ceremony: The wedding ceremony may need to have decorations, depending on where it is occurring and what types of decorations are allowable there. Generally, you will want flowers for decorations on the altar. Also, consider decorations for the rows of seats.
  • Wedding Bouquets: This is an important part of the wedding ceremony and should not be overlooked. Select real flowers if your budget allows or artificial flowers if you want something less expensive that will last longer.
  • Wedding Reception: The reception is another place you will need to have some type of wedding décor. Here, consider table centerpieces as well as flowers for the tables. You may also want to consider candles or water features, if the reception facility allows for them.

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Pulling It Together

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To pull off a wedding decoration that works well together, try to find elements that will tie it all together. For example, color is a great way to make everything work well together. You can also go with some type of wedding theme, if you would like have one. These elements can help to make all of the wedding décor come together and really look like a cohesive design.

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