Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Wedding anniversary gifts can serve many purposes and can carry different levels of importance as the numbers start to rack up for the loving couple. One never wants the spouse to forget their anniversary, but they also want others to remember the day that they were married as well. Milestone anniversaries are usually marked with a special gift. It can range from a precious metal to a gemstone to commemorate the anniversary. Either way, wedding anniversary gifts are always a good thing either from spouse to spouse or from friends and family.

Reasons To Celebrate

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To many couples another year of life together is reason enough to celebrate. However, it is always nice to receive a gift or something special on the day that celebrates the wedding anniversary. It can be something small or large and of course, it will carry more weight on anniversaries that will end in five or zero as another milestone occurs. This however does not mean that you should be expecting large gifts or presents from all of your friends and family on this day, however you should be doing something for each other to commemorate the date.

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What To Get

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Each significant wedding anniversary is marked with a special gift of some sort. The fifth in modern era gifts is silverware; the tenth anniversary is diamond jewelry. On the fifteenth anniversary, the spouses should exchange watches where in the twentieth the gifts should be platinum. The twenty-fifth wedding anniversary is to have a celebration with silver and the thirtieth with diamonds. The thirty-fifth is to be a celebration of the jewel jade and for forty years of marriage, the gift is ruby. The gift for forty-five years of bliss is the sapphire. Once you hit the fiftieth anniversary, you will get to celebrate with gold. Of course, these are simply guidelines and you yourself can choose any type of anniversary present you like to be able to keep the spouse happy and to keep that spark and interest in your marriage. Remember it is what you make of it, not what someone says it should be.

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