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Wedding bouquet flowers can come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and materials. They are no longer limited to a simple bouquet of flowers that the bride carries and then throws at the reception to see who is the next to be married. It has become much more intricate and detailed than that. Now, there are multiple bouquets and multiple people carrying them as well as bouquets for specific tasks. It is more delicate and important to the wedding than it has ever been before.

Purpose Of The Bouquet

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The bouquet is simply a handful of flowers that the bride and all of her attendants will carry as they stroll down the aisle for the wedding. It is also there to add flair to the wedding and to serve a secondary purpose later on in the reception. However, this is where it begins to get tricky. Since the bouquets that are for carrying have so much effort that goes into making them, many times the brides will request a second simpler wedding bouquet that is for tossing. This one is not as fragile and is actually only there for tossing at the reception. In many cases even if the real bouquets are made of real flowers, this one will not be.

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Making A Bouquet

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Many different materials can go into the making of a bouquet. Of course, if you choose to have someone make the bouquet for you, then you will have no need to know the raw materials. However, you will have a say as to what flowers will make the bouquets as well as if the flowers are to be artificial or real, they could also be a mixture of the two types as well. Make sure that if you have someone make them that they take the time to find out what you want from the bouquets as well as determining when you want them, how many and an agreed on price. Many times as seasons change, the prices for flowers will change, so make sure to have a signed deal to know what you will need and what the cost will be with no changes to occur.

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