Wedding Favor Bags

Wedding favor bags can serve multiple purposes. They allow the bridal party to be able to put the favor that they are giving to guests in something simple to be able to get it to the guests easier. For those giving wedding favors that are multiple pieces, or those who wish to give their guests a true present to unwrap, these bags are perfect. These bags either can serve as the favor itself containing candies or treats, or can be the wrapping of a more elegant favor that one will be giving out for the guests to take home. They will come in many different styles and sizes, and it is up to the new couple as to what they will be doing with them.

Bag Styles

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Most of the time, the wedding favor you are giving out will determine if a bag is needed. One thing to take into consideration is to get the bags done in the color of the wedding party to make them as festive and coordinated to make it something to spark a memory about the party and the wedding that they went. You may also want to consider getting the bags monogrammed in order to have your names and the date on them so they will be a keepsake for all who attended. Depending on what is in the bags, will determine the size and shape of the bag used. If it is to hold a mini champagne bottle, it will be a tall and narrow bag, or if it is to hold special chocolates, it may be a sealed foil bag.

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Tips About Bags

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One thing to think about is the fact that what you are putting inside the bag needs to be worth more than bag that it is in. If this is not the case, you may want to reconsider what you are giving to the people who came. Attention to detail is important, but making sure you do not look silly by giving a better wrapper than gift may be something that you need to consider and look into when preparing the wedding favors. In other words, if you plan to spend more money on the bag itself, consider not getting the bags and upgrading the favors instead.

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